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About the letter

The Staines letter is a monthly publication on the global capital markets dedicated to private and institutional investors interested in an unbiased, out-of-the-box and often non-consensual view of the financial markets and the global economy. The TSL letter is driven by the ambition to share an unconventional view with its readers.

The letter shall offer an atypical view that is essentially the result of the experience and knowledge accumulated across the years, but also the many contacts with well-known hedge fund managers and leading institutional asset managers. It is above all motivated by a sincere curiosity and passion about financial markets.

When a large consensus has developed amongst market participants, the author shall seek dissent, trying to understand whether the process may be flawed and whether an alternative approach may offer different conclusions. The Staines Letter is about sharing this process and its conclusions. A typical issue contains an in depth analysis of an economic or financial topic approached through this alternative angle.

Stuart Staines strongly believes that financial markets are complex adaptive systems where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It is with that conviction in mind that the author will be sharing trade ideas with subscribers when valuations or sentiment appear to have reached extremes.

Finally, there is a an « In the News » section that provides links to articles of interest that either relate to the monthly topic or offer an unusual insight of the financial world and its recent developments.

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About the Author

Stuart Staines, the editor and publisher of TSL, has over 18 years experience in banking and wealth management. Born in London, he studied in Geneva, Switzerland, and holds a Certified International Investment Analyst diploma (CIIA) from The Swiss Financial Analyst Association (SFAA) of which he is also a member. From 2004 to 2009 he was the Chief Investment Officer at a Geneva based family office. In this capacity, he led the creation of the first in-house fund of fund and developed the investment strategy and asset allocation for all discretionary asset management and advisory business. Before that, between 1993 and 2004, Stuart worked at a number of private banks as a relationship manager and investment advisor.